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Piippu – Chimney

Piippu convertible meeting room is suitable for meetings and events of 10 to 80 people. The space can fit 80 people in theater format, 56 people in classroom format, 26 people in U-form and 30 people in diplomatic form.

The facility has wireless internet access and modern meeting technology

In addition to conferences, Piippu is suitable for product presentations, launch events and team days and dinners.


A steam power plant was built in Billnäs in the 1890s to generate energy for the machines and wood drying ovens of the new carpentry workshops. The power plant’s 40-meter long pipe, which was in danger of collapsing, was straightened and renovated in the summer of 2011 in cooperation with the Museum Agency. Piippu continues to operate without smoke as a landmark by which the Ironworks is recognized.

The conference room located in front of the chimney has been modified to fully meet the needs of a modern meeting facility with relevant technology. Inside you can see the different eras of the building. The original brick walls are from the 1890s. The renovated white support structures of the inner ceiling and the tool display cases attached to them are from the 1960s.

Table form






Video cannon
Wireless internet
Audio playback
Sockets for computers

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The space is located on the 2nd floor, only entrance via stairs.