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Piirrustuskonttori – Drawing office

The bright Drawing office conference room is suitable for meetings, trainings and information events for 10–30 people, and works perfectly as a group work space. In class format, the space can fit 30 people, in u-class format 5-30 people.

The facility has wireless internet access and modern meeting technology.

In addition to meetings, e.g. training and launch events and team days has been organized in the space.


In the same building where the Drawing office is located many of the legendary Billnäs Ironworks tools have been designed. Axes, rakes and garden tools have taken shape in the drawing office.

Table setups

CLASS 10-30

U-FORM 5-30


Video cannon
Wirless Internet
Audio playback
Sockets for computers

More information

The space is on the 1th floor