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Billnäs häät

Organizing a wedding in Billnäsin ruukki

The Ceremony

There are several churches in the vicinity of Ruukki in Billnäs. St. Catherine’s medieval stone church is located less than 5 kilometers from the ironworks.

The ceremony can also be performed at the Ironworks, where there are several atmospheric venue options. Mustio rivers’ wonderful landscapes offer a memorable setting for an outdoor wedding.

The Venue

Billnäsin Ruukki offers several venues for wedding parties of different sizes.

Iso Paja and Ylänikkarin Galleria offer industrially elegant spaces for parties of 50-300 people. Billnäs Ruukki’s Lato (the Barn) exudes country romance and the space is perfect for a wedding reception of 50-100 people. Intimate parties can be held in the Billnäs Ruukki’s restaurant or in our elegant Piippu venue.

The wedding suite and hotel rooms

Billnäsin Ruukki offers high-quality accommodation for about 60 wedding guests. 21 high-class hotel rooms and a luxurious wedding suite are available for the bride and groom and their guests.

In the vicinity of Billnäs Ironworks, there are also several alternative accommodation options, and the accommodation capacity of the nearby area is a total of 90 people.


Billnäs Ruukki’s representative sauna with outdoor jacuzzi offers the wedding couple and a couple of ten wedding guests relaxing baths either the night before the party or the morning after the wedding party.

Foods and wedding dinner

Billnäsin Ruukki’s restaurant is led by Mikael Kokkonen. Mike and his team will implement a wedding dinner according to your wishes for all Ruukki’s banquet facilities.

In addition to menus that vary according to the season, the restaurant’s selection always has the right amount of high-quality, reasonably priced drinks that are just right for the wedding menu.

The party

The party does not have to end early. At Billnäsin Ruukki, in addition to the actual wedding venues, there are suitable locations where you can hold the after part.

Additional services and contact partners

If you wish, we can also arrange various additional services for your party, such as transportation, decoration of the party space, wedding flowers, photography, music and possible event technology. Our long-term partners help you realize even the smallest details of your celebration the way you want.

10 – 300 guests

Yes, free parking for at least 100 guest

About 60 guest

No, you can’t. All food and drinks are provided by Billnäs restaurant.