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Billnäs ja Mustion joki


10 things to do in Billnäs Raasepori

The beautiful ironworks village in Billnäs Raasepori, only an hour away from Helsinki, is a perfect vacation spot for the active-, city- and nature loving traveler. The former ironworks is a suitable spot for a weekend trip or just for the day. And of course it is also a nice place to do distance work. We have gathered a top ten- list of things to do – both in the summer heat as well as in the middle of the cold winter.

1. Walk around and enjoy the national landscape

The village of the ironworks, as one of Pohjas ironworks, is a part of Finlands national landscapes. The ironworks are a central part of the Finnish industrial history and are nowadays, except Åminnefors ironworks, peaceful, scenic havens. The beautiful red brick buildings reveal their almost 400-year history and about their previous owners to those who stops and listens.

Historians Kim Björklund and Aapo Roselius have compiled texts on information signs that you can find along Culture path‘s outdoor trail. On the trail, you can stop at the pontoon bridge built above Mustio river fish ladder and admire the historic landscape around you. If you’re lucky, you might see migrating fish swimming below you or an otter playing on the beach.

2. Ride a bike from Fiskars to Billnäs

Jump on the saddle and cycle from Fiskars to Billnäs, or vice versa, or both. The outdoor trail, partly built on former train tracks, takes you through the rural landscape. The 11.3 kilometer long Railbank route offers one postcard view after another. There are picnic tables and benches along the trail, so it is easy to take a snack break during the bike ride. The surface is mainly gravel, which is worth taking into account when choosing a bike.

If smooth terrain feels boring, go to Påminne Bikepark. Raasepori’s center for downhill cycling offers adrenaline kicks for those who believe they can stay in the saddle at higher speeds. On site you will also find coach Anders Pyy who will show you the secrets of the sport. However, remember to book Andy well in advance.

3. Slalom skiing in Åminnefors

If you travel to Billnäs in winter, go to Påminne and go slalom. Southern Finland’s Alps, or at least the area’s highest ski center, offer suitable conditions for both beginners and competitive skiers. Six slopes, ski school, equipment rental and café provide and delight the winter traveller.

In Rasborgs there are also ski tracks of various kinds. On the outskirts of Tammisaari, Västerby ski center offers kilometer after kilometer of winding ski tracks in the forest for even the most athletic skiers.

4. Play golf on scenic courses

There are three fantastic golf courses in Raseborg. Nordcenter‘s two courses, named after their creators Benz and Fream, are located in the surrounding forest highlands. Founded in the 1570s, Åminne Gård prides itself as a gathering point for golf vacationers, and Finland’s best golf restaurant offers a delicious meal after a round.

On the Pohja side, on Brödtorp Kartano’s property, there is a Bruksgolf 18-hole course. The course, half in forest and half on field, can prove surprisingly challenging for the average club player.

On the outskirts of Tammisaari is the scenic Eke Golf course. In addition to its 18-hole course, Eke Golf serves its customers with its practice areas, the range and with its open-to-all 9-hole course and par 3 course.

5. Paddle down Mustio river

Af antastic way getting to know a new environment is aboard a kayak or canoe. A paddle trip along Mustio river offers, in addition to a unique opportunity to get an overall picture of the ironworks area, also a rapid change of landscape for the most impatient mind.

Gustaf “Gutte” Ahlroos organizes paddling and cycling tours in the ironworks. Under the guidance of Gutte, it is easy and safe to get acquainted with the world of flowing water. The route starting from Mustio castle has no rapids, so a paddling trip also offers the inexperienced paddler a carefree experience.

6. Visit on a summer day

Visit the the Antique Fair in July, visit the markets on Sundays or otherwise just for shopping and food during the summer. The terrace restaurant Scarlett O’Karis can be found at Billnäs Ironworks courtyard, on which you can enjoy sun, drinks and chef Mike Kokkonen’s American menu.

There is also much else to see near Billnäs. Raseborg’s ruins, Mustio castle and the beautiful summer town of Tammisaari are only half an hour away, and it doesn’t take too long to get to Hanko either.

7. Eat, drink and sleep

You can stay overnight on spot, because in Billnäs ironworks you will find 22 tastefully decorated hotel rooms for even the most demanding traveller. The rooms are located in the ironworks’s former drawing office and in the building next to it, the former head office. If you want more space of your own, you can also spend the night in Sepän Studio (Blacksmith’s studio), Villa Karlsborg or in the newly renovated tower in Lähettämö. Let the sound of history’s wings lull you into a sweet sleep.

For those who appreciate taste experiences, the ironworks’s restaurant serves in the area. For us, both local ingredients and classic recipes are close to our hearts, which can be seen in the carefully planned menus. At the summer terrace restaurant Scarlett O’Karis, which is located in the ironwork’s courtyard, you can enjoy drinks, sun and chef Mikael Kokkonen’s American menu, all while the Mustio river flows calmly by.

8. Shopping

Is needlework or small restoration close to your heart? In Billnäs you will find high expertise in these areas, both when it comes to unique crafts and professional traditional construction. Rakennusapteekki, which has served traditional builders for years, is headquartered in the village and on the shelves you will find everything from nickel-plated sockets to Falu red clay paints.

In the core area is also the Ratia warehouse store, in whose assortment you will find clothing, accessories as well as interior design products. In Kauppa & Galleria Portinvartija you can enjoy various exhibitions and bring home wonderful artisanal delicacies.

9. Remote work in Billnäs Brainworks

The ironwork’s location near the largest urban centers in southern Finland offers many people the opportunity to take a break from the workplace or study at home and settle in a very inspiring environment. Break your everyday routines and come to Billnäs Brainworks! You get uninterrupted work peace and you can go for a walk and enjoy the ironwork’s beautiful buildings and river scenery whenever you feel like it.
The versatile spaces fully serve today’s information workers. Remote work packages include accommodation, free use of workspaces, free parking and, if you wish, the opportunity to participate in guided activities. You can also come to the ironworks to work with a day pass, which means you get access to a work space during the day, enjoy lunch and free parking.

10. Arrange conferences or unforgettable parties

In addition to remote work, the ironworks is ideal for organizing conferences. You can choose between many stylish venues to suit your needs. The unique, industrial-historical working environment creates the framework for impressive and memorable meetings. With its hotel, restaurant and sauna services, your event at the ironworks can be shaped into a entirety that will be long remembered.

Even the most demanding events finds a home in Iso Paja, which White Hall with its rows of columns creates a churchlike atmosphere, which is also the reason why it has served as a wedding hall for many brides and grooms. You can rent Iso Paja for, for example, weddings or birthday parties. Dances on summer evenings can be arranged in the old barn, which also accommodates larger groups. You will be well taken care of by our staff, who will take good care of you and your guests as well as take care of the catering, and if you wish, we will also help with the party planning.