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Live music at Scarlett O’Karis, Andréas Rantala

Welcome to enjoy a summer evening on Billnäs Ruukki’s Scarlett O’Karis terrace.

Andréas Rantala will perform on 7.6.2024 at 19:00.

Andréas Rantala is a versatile artist from Pargas who has performed throughout the country with many different music projects. He is a member of several bands, performs as a troubadour, does school tours in junior high schools and is an active fiddler. With about 900 gigs of experience, I know he how to entertain an audience, be it a knot at the bar or a festival scene. During his 20-year career, Rantala has had time to play, among other things evergreens, country, pop, prog, rock, disco, Swedish top and Irish folk.

As a truab major, Rantala has a twinkle in his eye and plays with an acoustic guitar under his arm he anything: J. Karjalainen, Tomas Ledin, Ghost, Rihanna, Billy Idol, Badding, Johnny Cash, Miley Cyrus, ABBA, Cornelis Vreesvijk, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, CCR and Much more.