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Billnäs Rock Festival 16.09.2023

Billnäs Rock Festival will take place on Saturday 16.09.2023 in Billnäs’s Ruukin Iso Paja.

On stage on the first Billnäs Rock Festival in history:

RockCircus (Helsinki)
Trr Trr Trr (Parainen)
Mustasch (Sweden)

Tickets are for sale on

Follow the event and stay up to date. The event is being updated all the time!

Rock Menu in Billnäsin ruukki’s restaurant!

On the day of the festival, a three course menu with inspiration from the world of rock is served in Billnäsin ruukki’s restaurant: 

Spicy chantarelle flan, pickled chantarelles, crispy leek and kale

Lamb chops with salt baked celeriac, charred celeriac puree and whiskey sauce

”Smashing pumpkins”
White chocolate financier, ginger marinated pumpkin and pumpkin sorbet

Price: 43€ / person